Your Holiday Stress Free Zone

Here they come. Holidays! Be ready for all it entails…. and this includes the joy, pressure, love, stress and challenge of it all. Here are just a few “Quick Tips” to keep you at ease so you can avoid the pitfalls and enjoy the upside of the Holidays.

Get Kinetic

Your endorphins are just dying to fly – and these hormones will help you think clearly, concentrate better and generally elevate your mood. The best way to create this for yourself is to “move.” Get and stay active – even if just a few walks throughout the day, or before entering into a household of family or an office event. If you workout: don’t stop or reduce because of all the things added to your to do list this time of year – in fact, step it up a little.

Get your Sleep

When we sleep, really deep sleep, we regenerate and heal ourselves. Usually about 7-9 hours will do the trick, and this will actually reduce your level of stress hormones.

Eat Healthy

Try grains, fruits and vegetables because they tend to contain complex carbs. These carbs increase serotonin transmitters that calm and balance out your mood.

Keep an eye on your Health

Keep any medical appointments you have. Or schedule one to get a closer look into how your body and mind are functioning. Get some advice on how to maintain your health.

See your Buddies

Seeing your friends can be an uplifting experience. Chemically speaking, it raises your oxytocin levels – the hormone that supports a sense of well being. Spending time with friends also reduces anxiety and builds a sense of tranquility by reducing cortisol levels in the brain.

Take a Brain-Break

Chill out. Relax. Meditate. Do Yoga. Stay mindful throughout your day. These activities will help you manage your holiday stress.