Taking the Emotional Health Quiz

This initial quiz is not intended to diagnose you, but it can provide some degree of input about feelings you may be experiencing.  We will score your quiz and provide instant written feedback. There is no financial cost associated with our quizzes, they are simply intended as input into circumstances you may be experiencing. Use the results as information that might be useful in any exploratory next steps you might take. If your results do not indicate high risk of mental discomfort, but you feel there is something going on, please take steps to get more information from a licensed professional soon.  Keep in mind that trained professionals are really the only people who can effectively assess your particular situation.

Lets Start:

Center For Healthy Change Quiz items below ask about how you have felt and behaved over the past 30 days or so. Indicate how much each statement is true for you. Your answers and the accompanying responses are not saved, so please write them down if you wish to keep them.