You deserve a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary counseling and psychotherapy team to provide genuinely safe relationships so you can effectively explore traumatic or disturbing memories or life experiences. You want treatment that instills hope, while also building new ways to change old patterns. And, you want positive results. Clients need therapists that are truly remarkable and specialized – who place an emphasis on “evidenced-based” treatment in a safe, confidential, and respectful atmosphere. Authentic treatment is personal integrity hand-in-hand with effective approaches: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Treatment Intensives, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, EMDR, Psychiatry and Integrated Functional Medicine are here for you. You have things on your mind – let’s do this together.Julieann Myers

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You Get What You Focus On

Are you getting what you want? If not, you may be focusing on what you don’t want! It is quite simple – If we focus on what we don’t want, then we end up getting what we don’t want! Read the following examples of how people focus on what they “don’t” want.  These will help you to determine your own…

When the World Seems Small

Enjoy this lovely visual meditation from Fabien Valour and reimagine natural beauty around us all.

A Water Meditation

Enjoy this 8-minute video from our friends in Vietnam. It can refresh your entire outlook in just a few moments of time.

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