Superbowl Plan

Yes, it’s Superbowl! Here are a few tips for maintaining composure and staying sober when those around you are hitting it hard.

– If you head out to a party, consider bringing something healthy to eat and share with others. If it is something that you really enjoy, it can be your little reward for staying chill around a crowd of drinkers.
– Consider eating before the Superbowl party, so you won’t be as likely to fall victim to old triggers brought on by certain foods: Pizza requires beer, cheese requires wine etc. etc.
– Concentrate on the details and excitement of what’s going on in the game. Remember that is why you are there. Sure, it is also for camaraderie, so find a blend of the two.
– Scope out the backdoor exit. Have a plan – if others get going on the boozing and you feel uncomfortable, be prepared to find a quiet exit. No need to even say good-by if you believe it will bring on pressure. Having a plan allows you to automatically have a solution in place before (or if) it is needed.
– Bring your own tasty drink, tea or water and keep it handy in a container. When offered drinks, feel free to say, “I brought something, but thanks”
– Spend some time in advance preparing for saying “No thank You.” By so doing, the words will be much more likely to simply “come out” when need, as opposed to fumbling around for a response.
– Finally, take time to connect with your friends and family. Catch up about their lives and share some stories. Keep in mind that this is what gatherings are really all about.