Celebrating our 12th Year Delivering Protected Tele-Health Therapy

Read about how Tele-Therapy & Online Therapy are making a difference at this anxiety generating time.

How can a qualified psychotherapist be helpful during the Coronavirus outbreak?

The world is in a state of prevention and panic with the Coronavirus outbreak. Although we do not need to panic there are a number of additional stressors that are being placed on individuals and families. It is important that we come together to help and respect each other so everyone is able to feel supported. During this demanding time, there are a number of ways psychologists, counselors and therapists may help reduce the negative impact and consequences caused by this threat. 

For many people, the coronavirus outbreak has spread more than the virus – as it has the potential to heighten people’s underlying mental health struggles. If one is struggling with depression, or anxiety this could be increased. Since the world is in a state of panic and there is rising anxiety this will be felt by everyone. This extra pressure can challenge people in new ways and whether or not you have ever seen a therapist before this may be a good thing to do. 

It is important that you look after your mental health during this time and know that you do not have to go through this alone. Therapists can provide you with the support tools and skills that will allow you to maintain and boost your mental health and well-being. It is important that we take care of our mental health during this time as our body and mind are interconnected. When we allow ourselves to become consumed with anxiety, we lower our immune system and become more suspectable to illness. 

Today, you do not have to go into an office to seek therapy but instead, you can seek it online, and we have been successfully delivering these services for over 5 years. With the Coronavirus, we are experiencing and even greater expansion of online therapy requests – so more people can access mental health support through their computer and phone from the comfort of home. Our therapists offer sessions through an online platform that will use phone or video sessions. Center therapists also offer text and email support. 

Therapists can help support you with your unique challenges during this time and can still provide you with your own unique individualized care. Here are some tips that a therapist could help you understand and implement into your life. 

  1. Reduce Anxiety: Anxiety has spread faster than the Coronavirus. Therapists can help implement therapy such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to help you notice and reduce your thoughts and behavior that may be increasing your anxiety. They can also provide you with resources, tools, and skills such as mindfulness and different breathing exercises that will help you to self-regulate and bring down your anxiety level. 
  2. Manage Family Stress: The coronavirus may put extra pressure on the family unit with work demands changing, schools and daycare facilities being shut. You may be worried about your children, finding support, and accessing resources. A therapist can help you create a plan of action that will support you and your family through this difficult time. Worry and fear can take over which can have a negative impact on the whole family. 
  3. Improve Health and Well-being: Therapists can also provide you with tools and skills that can help you improve you and your family’s health during this time of isolation. You can use this time to heal past wounds and also build great resilience and well-being. 

If you feel you are struggling with your mental health or feel that you could use this time to boost your health and well-being, reach out to us today.  We know how to do effective tele-health, and we are here for you.