Music – it’s what’s for Dinner

You know you do it. Fess up. Inside that gas powered rolling jukebox on the way to and from, something resonates with you deep inside from the Spotify or iTunes and suddenly you’re transformed to a singing, head-shaking rock star. Or maybe you’re a motoring Mozart conducting with your bagel as a baton. Instantly you are delivered from the daily grind to your own private place of happiness. Whether for stress reduction, concentration, escape or focus, MUSIC makes us better in so many ways:

-Reduces Anxiety and Pain
-Releases Dopamine in the pleasure centers of the brain
-Promotes Plasticity in the brain by exercising our neuropathways
-Lowers heart rate, blood pressure and slows breathing
-Transports us mentally to another place relatively inexpensively
-Elevates our mood
-Helps us to express our feelings

Listen to music at dinner, breakfast, when reading, when driving…whenever. Allow it to relax you and embrace you, to stimulate you and to focus you each day. Build a list of new music to listen to, and share it with others. See it performed live and reflect on how it makes you feel. Look at the faces around you, perceive how they too are transported for the better. Try this:
And then, send us a favorite piece of your music.