Betrayal & Forgiveness Intensive

At the Center we are always deeply touched by the depth of betrayal many clients experience.  Spouses, family members, employers, friends.  Getting a good sense of how to decide if forgiveness is possible, or worth the effort differs for each individual.  In our Betrayal Treatment Intensive we help process the essential questions that lead to resolving these painful issues.  Finding peace means we must answer these questions:

– Does the person or group who caused the betrayal understand their role in having created a situation of betrayal, and do they have an interest in making things right?

– Is forgiveness even something the betrayer seeks, and what is their motivation for seeking forgiveness? Are YOU interested in forgiving?

– Was the betrayer feeling justified in unleashing on you or others?  Was it a heat of the moment expression or action that had far deeper consequences than what was recognized at that moment?

– Was the betrayal typical of the character of this person, or did it seem out of left field and largely irrational based on how you know this person to be?

– Is there genuine regret that might be harnessed to understand and repair the circumstance?

– Was the transgression a result of an “illusion” the person carried about your relationship, and what might your role have been in building or supporting this illusion?

– Is their something special about your relationship that makes it worthwhile to forgive?

– Will anger or bitterness be central to your thoughts of this person hereafter if forgiveness is not attained?

If these are struggles you experience with a recent, past or ongoing situation, our Betrayal Treatment Intensive is designed to help you to understand the dynamics that make it feel so painful.  And, it promotes specific ideas, tasks and understandings that lead to a meaningful resolution – so we can all move on, or forward, without the lingering bad taste and immobilization that often accompanies betrayal.  Your feelings are at risk without a heartfelt opportunity to ameliorate the history and painful acts that brought you to this place.