A Special “Family of Origin” Intensive in July

We are Pleased to Announce Our

“Family of Origin and Relational Trauma Weekend Intensive”

Julieann Myers, LCSW, MAC, EMDR and CSAT Certified Founder of The Center For Healthy Change and Sarah Bridge, LCSW, Trainer of Pia Mellody Post Induction Therapy will be co-facilitating our next Intensive Weekend Together. Julieann and Sarah offer a dynamic experience in moving to the next level of your relational healing! This is a special offering for Women Only. This intensive is limited to six participants.

Dates and Times: Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday, July 24,25,26

Call as soon as possible to enroll – 760-634-1704

Join us in this very special event that can “jump start” your recovery from long-standing behavioral patterns in relationships that maintain a lack of intimacy and connection. The Intensive Weekend Sessions are based on the work of Pia Mellody and Post Induction Therapy. Individuals participate in a safe, small group (no more than six participants). This is a unique opportunity to explore the effects of developmental relational trauma from early childhood in one’s current relationships. It is called an “Intensive” because a great deal of work is done in a short period of time. Each participant will experience a three-phase model. The process is guided by highly skilled and sensitive therapists trained in facilitating a process that can be relationship and life changing.

The first phase is Informational : Participants will be introduced to the model and the basis for treatment. We will explore how the precious child is influenced by early relational trauma and the impact these experiences have on self esteem, boundaries, sense of reality, dependency, relationship to self and others, and moderation issues.

Debriefing Phase: During this phase participants will be guided through the

process of re-examining their family of origin relationships and identifying accompanying feelings.

Experiential Phase: During this phase the participant will be gently guided through techniques to assist with healing childhood relational wounds. In a safe environment the participant releases the painful feelings and carried emotions of the past and reclaims their personal power.

What Participants can take away: Participants can leave with a new set of skills, techniques, and resources to continue personal growth practice healthy boundaries.