Experience Mindfulness

Mindfulness is intentionally paying attention to what is going on in your body, mind and emotions with a sense of kindness and compassion.  The aim is to accept life as it is in the present and refrain from living in the past and/or the future.  We use this KatyJoyEdit4awareness to gain information on how to best take care of ourselves.  Understanding our feelings and needs and being able to tolerate difficult emotions promotes a sense of peace and calm within.  An inner guidance system is developed and we are equipped to handle whatever happens with emotional maturity.  We take responsibility for our happiness and feel confident to manage our lives in a healthy and balanced manner.

Some key elements of the Practice of Mindfulness include:

Acceptance, Compassion, Curiosity, Non-judgement, Kind observation, Mastery of breath, Discipline of mind.  If these principle peak your interest, and you’d like to see just how quickly you can start to improve you daily response to the world, you might want to check out our upcoming mindfulness workshops