Women’s Issues

Women face competing priorities, roles and life expectations. We have a range of responsibilities and many roles to fill. Balancing all of these factors can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, addiction or other mental health issues. Without balance and effective coping mechanisms, women can turn to unhealthy behaviors to deal with the growing pressure. Some of the common challenges we treat:

Mother- daughter relationship issues (even adult daughters and moms)

Relationship issues, single, married, being single in the dating scene, sexuality and intimacy disorders such as sex, love relationship issues

Obsessive/compulsive behaviors such as: disordered eating, body dysmorphia, getting repeated surgeries to change your face or body and never being satisfied

Parenting struggles Family Dysfunction Friendship Issues- breaking up with a long time friend or being isolated or over involved in relational drama with others

Through counseling you can gain/regain balance in your life: Learn Healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress. Learn how to communicate your needs and wants effectively. Balance competing priorities and life stresses with self-care. Stop Unhealthy behaviors that keep you stuck. Create new habits and patterns. We offer female specific integrative counseling approaches that take into account the whole woman. We look at where a woman is in her transition of life span development, relationships, spirituality, sexuality, occupation, roles, stressors, physical and emotional health, and her individual strengths to help women heal and grow. We offer a safe, non-judgmental relationship where women can learn and create the life and relationships they want.