Women in Divorce, A Special Therapy Group

Led by one of our most senior therapists, Laurie Chapman, MFT, The Center for Healthy Change is pleased to be able to offer a very important new group for Divorced Women who:

  • Are ready to move into the next phase of their lives;LaurieChapNew
  • Would like the support of a small group of Women with the same goal;
  • Are available to meet weekly beginning in March, 2016

The following are examples of topics that may be covered in the group:

  • Identification of “New” or “Refined” Self post-divorce
  • Self Empowerment Strategies
  • Clearing/reducing barriers to self fulfillment
  • Elements of Healthy Relationships with Peers and Future Partners
Women who experience the most growth and transformation are actively engaged in the change process, have a purpose-driven life, and are surrounded by a solid network of support. The Center for Healthy Change offers a weekly support group to women who have completed the divorce process, are ready for the next level of growth and transformation in their lives, and want to align with the evidence-based practices on how to attain this goal.
The group will meet on Friday mornings from 10-11:15 for 12 weeks, Beginning March 18th.   The group will function to help each member reaffirm her self worth and reset her life with positive intention and focused direction.  Each member should be ready to: share her beautiful self with a small group of women (This group is limited to no more than at 5 people, in order to maximize attention and detail for each participant); receive support and feed-back from the facilitator and other members; and discover new sides of herself.
“We are not defined by the loss of our marriage, we are defined by our true self” 

Call Laurie at (760) 634-1704 to find out more about this new opportunity.