What we hear from you…Reviews

My name is Neal Mims, and I’ve known Julieann Myers for almost 10 years – without her, my life wouldn’t be the same.  Julieann has been such a great mentor and positive figure in my life.  She’s an amazing, kind, loving, and caring human being.  She has helped in all aspects of my life – especially my relationships with my family. Not only has she helped me with my daughter in her teenage years, which were very challenging to say the least.  My daughter grew to love her and respect her as well. Julieann has guided me through the most difficult and painful times of my life, and for that I am so grateful.   She understands what it takes for people to get through difficult life situations that would normally throw anyone over the edge. With a positive, fun, compassionate, empathetic attitude towards her job – Julieann has taught me how to be a better human being all the way around.  She also has a firm stance with an unlimited amounts of knowledge in a field I use to once think was bogus, and by meeting Julieann, she has assured me that therapy can be a great guide to a better way of life. We adore her, and will always love her for helping us be better as a family.

Thank you, Julieann!

-Neal Mims

When I first went into Julieann’s office for help I was so overwhelmed by my family situation that my usual coping methods were just not working at all. Underneath what I hoped was a cool, calm facade I put on for work and ‘ the public’, I felt alone and desperate. I have seen other therapists in my past. Some were ok and some were not. My hopes were high but also tempered by past experiences and my overwhelmed, rather hopeless state of mind/emotion. In Julieann I found someone who seemed to really see not just the problems, but me. Not just a compassionate listener, she was very clear and direct in her communication, helping me see and understand the workings of my own thought patterns and habits so I could change those that were keeping me down. I felt I could not only talk freely to her, but also challenge or question some of her statements and suggestions. Very quickly I came to feel we were working as a team to build a new strength and clarity in me with which I could better resolve the conflicts in my life as well as make new, happier choices. She gave me some very positive mirroring and some very useful skills to take with me when our term of therapy was ended. This is what therapy should be. I’m grateful to have been referred to her

– A Former Client

I came into see Julieann 3 years ago with severe anxiety and panic attack issues. I wasnt able to travel and every day was a challenge just to be at work. We worked hard for almost a year with therapy and EMDR and made incredible improvements. If you are ready to put in the work (you will get homework) and ready to make a change you will not find a better psychotherapist to walk with you on that path. She combines a good dose of reality with just the right amount of positive energy. I learned to trust her completely and she did not let me down. I have been calm, happy, traveling and able to deal with issues as they come now for 2 years. I go back for occasional tune ups but Julieann changed my life

– A Current Client

All it was doing was driving me nuts. None of them understood, they all made me really angry, none of them said what I wanted them to say while still helping me figure myself out. I told my mom no more, ever, I’m done looking for therapists! Regardless, the next morning we were at Julieann’s office. It only took one visit. And Julieann has been my therapist ever since, she’s my go to, for everything. Every fear that I thought I would never break, every bad habit that I thought I was destined to keep, she helped me break. I would recommend Julieann to ANY person who said they needed someone to talk to. Because I’m about the most picky person that I know, and she is perfect for me

– Mike

I have been seeing Julieann for the past year and a half. In this time, Julieann has helped me overcome obstacles by focusing on changes I can make to improve myself as an independent woman and as a mother. I have overcome addiction, withdrawn myself from an unhealthy work environment, joined organizations that help people in crisis, gotten more involved with parenting issues, and learned to set boundaries for myself and to set goals for my future in a realistic manner. – Susan

– Susan

With Julieann’s help I have finally been able to experience “real” recovery! Several powerful addictions (including cigarettes) that dominated my life for over twenty years have been diffused through her exceptional ability to zero in on the fundamental, underlying issues and cut through the distractions. Julieann challenges me to face my deepest difficulties and gently teaches me the coping skills to better tolerate pain and discomfort. Her unique abilities have benefited all aspects of my life– from my demanding executive career to caring for my young children

– A Friend

I found her easy to approach and always ready to explore any questions and concerns. She is supportive of your struggles and is there to celebrate your achievements. Juliann’s style is very easygoing, flexible, comforting, challenging, and encouraging. She has become much more than just a “clinical supervisor”…I am proud to consider her my mentor

– David B. Friedentag, M.A., LPC, MAC

Like a coach in Sports, Julieann is coach on my sideline, always cheering me on, always sending in opportune plays, then offers exquisite feedback when I think I have not executed my plays very well. My coach, Julieann does not keep score on touchdowns or fumbles- rather she continues to give me encouragement to SIMPLY stay in the game, and play for the enjoyment of the game

– Marge Golden

I don’t know how to express it, but what I can say is everyone at the Center has helped me in their own way. I know I’m on a good path now because of it. I’ll send you notes from the road.

– A Client

Thank you for being you. I could not have the progress I have without you. Your candor and professionalism is unwavering. You are amazing and I thank you for it and my family thanks you. Have a wonderful day.

– Joe

I never thought I’d get on a sailboat, much less cross the channel, but when Julieann described the freeing nature of her women’s adventure course, I threw caution to the wind, held my breath and joined in. What I learned about myself in those two days really opened my eyes. – I am a confident, capable, thoughtful and compassionate person, a good team member and I’m much more likely now to jump into the unknown with a positive outlook

– Erica

Before meeting Julieann, I had worked with a therapist off-and-on for over 15 years, with little to no progress. With Julieann’s expertise in identifying the true, underlying issues and her gentle guidance in working through them, I have finally been able to break-through deeply seated problems that have plagued my life since childhood. She has changed the quality of my life and I will always be grateful for that.

– A Client

I always felt safe and comfortable with her and she helped me build my confidence, strength and ability to believe in myself again.

– Teri

EMDR helped me to march through realization upon realization about my behavior patterns that had kept me stymied.

– Steve

It is difficult to put into a few words what CFHC has meant to me. I couldn’t imagine a better therapy experience. Julieann is honest, insightful, warm and most importantly, human. She’s not above my challenges, she’s down in the trenches digging with me. I consider her an expert, a coach and – something I not sure I ever thought a therapist could be

A Friend

Real results & recovery! Through Julieann’s gentle “press-and-release” approach, I’ve finally been able to push through difficult issues that have hindered my personal growth & professional development for decades. I have made more progress with Julieann in 12 months than I did in years of sessions with my former therapist.

A Client

Center for Healthy Change allows for a playful journey to understand oneself, and your impact on yourself, and those around you. This process allowed me to trust the use of my insight. By believing in the “ride” and understanding that real change I want…so I can start applying this change in a playful and caring way. By building trust and allowing oneself to be curious about the process, Center for Healthy Change ignited in me the gift of understanding that real change is a joyful and mindful ride

– Rodolfo

Everyone finds themselves in need of help sometimes and that is precisely when angels appear. I came to Juliann at one of those times and for my own reasons of course. Sitting across from her on my first visit, her gentle, lively spirit quickly convinced me to trust and open up, to do what she wanted me to do, learn to help myself. Her amazing gift of insight quickly earned my trust and confidence. She journeyed with me through many areas of my life. She helped smooth out what needed smoothing but mostly taught me to celebrate who I am, who we all are, and to be grateful. She firmly but playfully held me to the commitments I made toward my own self-improvement and celebrated with me every bit of progress I made. And there was some amazing progress. She provided exactly what I needed in exactly the right amounts at exactly the right moments. She is truly gifted and I am forever thankful for the changes that came into my life as a result of her efforts

– Ruby

I strongly recommend that any Human Services Manager consider Julieann Myers when they make plans for staff development. She will facilitate both the personal and professional growth of your staff

– Kevin L. Benbow, MA, LPC

I am grateful to Julieann than little words can ever convey

– Veronica