The Ocean as Metaphor – Women’s Challenge Course WomanWater

October 19-21,  2018 (recently completed)  All of these retreats are limited to 6 women and begin at noon Friday morning out of Oceanside Harbor and return Sunday at approximately noon. Occasionally, mid-week retreats are scheduled by special request.  A total of 6 women will join Julieann (a certified bareboat skipper) and Captain Paul (USCG Licensed Master) for a fun, challenging and relaxing adventure across the Catalina Channel where we will take shelter on the Isle of Romance.  Team building, communication, emotional re-engagement and sail-therapy will be part and parcel of our time together.  Light to moderate exercise, gourmet meals and the natural marine environment will enlighten your spirit and ease your mind from the hectic day to day grind.  Dolphins, sea lions and the occasional whale will join us.  You will return refreshed and invigorated, with some new perspectives on life, intimacy and companionship that may surprise you. Click here for a Special Video Treat! The exhilaration, satisfaction and pride from what we have done will stay with you always, and you’ll likely reflect over the years of that one particular weekend when you communed with the dolphins and navigated coastal waters as did Cabrillo and Balboa.  And at its core will be “empowerment.”  That sense of accomplishment and self-knowledge that you can embrace challenges, overcome difficulties and take therefrom both peace and confidence. Our program is designed to bridge challenge with self-knowledge, exhilaration with relaxation, therapy with the experiential.  Everyone brings aboard uniqueness of perspective and ability, and each responds to events and challenges with a different set of skills and abilities.  This diversity of individuals gives rise to new models of viewing the world around us, and we each benefit from the interaction of working, learning and playing with each other.  The value you bring to any social context may become better understood and appreciated, and you may even find some hidden components of yourself as an individual.

Our Time in the Women’s Challenge Adventure

Joint-Task Human Interaction: Small craft environments require us to work together.  This interaction becomes fun as we lend a hand to each other, count on each other and learn from each other. We break some boundaries of space and comfort and develop as a mutually supportive and interdependent crew mini-my favorite wincher

Teamness: We will work together to accomplish our navigation of the sea, some handling ship’s lines, keeping lookout, spotting wildlife, skippering the helm, trimming sail, disembarking and mooring.  Together we will accomplish what one person alone cannot.  Cooperation, innovation and serendipitous interaction will build our cohesion.

Communication and Understanding: We will generate effectiveness of listening and comprehending information from multiple sources, and we will use this information as we work different “legs of transit” during our voyage.  Sharpening our abilities, we will become stronger and more confident communicators.

Coordination and Motor Skills: Balance, eye-hand coordination, situational awareness, compass reckoning and movement on deck of a living, breathing, ocean going vessel will help develop a sense of calm that only comes from gradually accomplishing and learning more over the course of the weekend.  You will become part of the vessel.

Confidence and Sense of Self-Esteem: We are empowered when we find we can control and influence the movement of a vessel through the water with ease and comfort.  Old fears are dispelled and new challenges more readily welcomed.  We experience individual and team accomplishment.

Awareness of the Natural Environment: Our living environment of the ocean is nature at its most awe-inspiring.  There is nothing static about it, and it offers a wide range of experiences – from the playful sea life to the changing swell, we develop a keener sense of observation and fascination.  Sea life can prompt emotional expression and attachment.

Reflective Relaxation: Those artificial noises that envelop us daily are eased, and this gives rise to an inner peacefulness we seek.  In this condition our bodies and minds decompress, and we can be more responsive to our inner thoughts and musings.  The birds on nature walks are akin to the rhythmic feel and sound of the waves.  The puffs and pull of the wind upon sail as we move onward offers a loud silence.

Focus and Concentration: Navigating, Rigging and Trimming aboard demand a certain level of concentration to detail.  We will learn and practice these skills of coastal transit, and we will share our experiences and process how we met the challenges.  We think through how to apply these principles to daily life.

Imagination and Exploration: We all dream about what living in another time would be like – whether buccaneer or rural rancher.  Ocean adventuring gives us a chance to explore our reasons for dreaming and imagine ourselves in various contexts.  Time away from land helps us to disconnect for a little while and enjoy something new and exciting.

The Power of Friendship: We will become friends who shared a wonderful, mutually rewarding and challenging experience.  We will each think back to how we accomplished something we didn’t think was possible.  We’ll value each other’s will and energy, and our lives will be stronger because we did it together.  Most importantly, we will value ourselves from a new or perhaps different perspective.

SailGirlKey Aspects Of Our Time Together: Individual and small group attention and interaction is something that can only be accomplished through intensive retreats.  Often those issues you are working on in therapy or coaching surface in this more extended socio-therapeutic interaction.  Concepts and patterns become clearer, and specific behavioral responses to external events, thinking patterns and triggers can be self-recognized in this way.  We have time to process and talk, to study and reflect, and we have time to express our hopes and dreams. A natural and spectacular environment and ecosystem is a freeing experience, and it provides ample beauty as an inspiring backdrop upon which to work on yourself and your outlook. This stokes your passions and lifts your spirit! Fun and Relaxation with a comfortable small group provides a powerful and enjoyable time away from everyday stress and pressure.  Individual counseling sessions are followed with time to reflect and talk over what is happening on our adventure.  Tension that is often part and parcel of the emotional scripts we have written for ourselves dissolve more easily, and we can become more open-minded and less hindered in our thinking. Treasured and proven activities will help us find balance between knowledge, skill and individual capacity to nurture and strengthen ourselves.  During our adventure we will be seeking knowledge of how to place into our consciousness an ongoing “mindfulness” so that we can more readily live life in the moment and enjoy the experiences that present themselves each day. This leads to “skills” we can employ daily to ensure we reinforce and build our emotional toolbox.  And finally we move towards building our individual “capacity” to learn, observe, accept and reflect on our lives so we can develop increased ability to live healthy and meaningful lives. Remember! What we learn when we are caught off-guard is often illuminating, and it can teach us about ourselves.  Opening our arms to such experiences brings forth awareness of self, and it affords opportunity to grow.  Sometimes we seek this adventure and some times it is thrust upon us, but in either case when we experience it and think it through, we come away having surprised ourselves at what we are truly capable of…

Weather & Safety Policy When one travels within Nature herself, such as upon the sea, safety of passengers is always of utmost importance.  In all matters of safety, the Captain will have the responsibility for all decisions affecting routing and timing of the voyage, and while decisions will be made with careful attention to the participant’s interest, all choices will be weighed with a keen eye towards the safety of passengers and the vessel.  And although unlikely, this may mean that certain activities or ports of call may need to be modified based upon current or forecasted sea state or weather. This is a very special excursion.  Cost, inclusive of 2 gourmet lunches, 2 gourmet group dinners, healthy snacks and beverages, is $1,700 per person.  A refundable deposit of $800.00 is required to secure your place aboard.  Final balance of payment is due 60 days prior to sailing date, and cancellations thereafter will be subject to a 50% fee.  Please call or email soon, as these limited number of special retreats will fill up as the weather warms.

What to bring: in a “soft-sided” bag – walking or hiking shoes, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, layers such as fleece, any needed medications and toiletries, a good book, camera and an open minded spirit.