Workshops & Retreats

Specialized retreats can be a powerful tool if you’re up for it. Furthering your understanding of yourself and the people around you can also be reflective, educational and fun. All of our retreats are developed with the specific individuals and groups involved. They can be psycho-educational or therapeutic, a combination of both, or as hybridized as needed to be effective at making a difference for you. Please check out a few examples below. Does anything peak your interest? Would you like to work together to create one just for your family, friends or group? Let’s talk.

Family of Origin and Relational Trauma Weekend Intensive
Julieann Myers applies Pia Mellody’s Post Induction Therapy model to offer a dynamic experience in moving to the next level of relational healing. This special “Intensive” provides participants with a fascinating and thought provoking personal adventure through their past familial relationships so they may gain insight into how these relationships influence greatly their day to day mode of thinking and acting,

A Special Presentation for Professionals:
Bridging the Gap between Sex Addiction Treatment and Sexual Health 
Bridging the Gap between Sex Addiction Treatment and Sexual Health:  An Integrated Paradigm. This Presentation seeks to achieve the following objectives: Objective 1- Participants will learn about an integrated paradigm for treating Out of control sexual behavior and Sex Addiction Objective 2- Participants will learn about the theories & treatment approaches that are effective in long term recovery from compulsive sexual behavior and sex addiction Objective 3- Participants will learn about the gaps and pitfalls of treating sex addiction without a balanced “sexual health” paradigm for long term recovery

Practical Empowerment Skills for Women  This half-day retreat provides a safe and compassionate environment that fosters self-awareness and accountability.  Participants learn to identify and understand compulsive and destructive patterns in relationships and what specifically triggers their arousal template, while learning and monitoring skills that transform character defenses  into character strengths.

Couples Adventure in the Channel Islands GrpSailJoin Julieann for this high impact couples sailing adventure, where couple-team work and skill building lead to enhanced communication and rekindling of self.  On this fun two-night workshop participants will overcome mental road-blocks in their relationships and build confidence in self and each other while practicing newly acquired skills.  This retreat is offered on multiple dates from Spring to early Fall.SEE DETAILS & DATES

sail2 Sailing as Metaphor – A 2 night Women’s Life Challenge CourseThis exciting and fun opportunity will be limited to a group of six women who together will learn and share against the backdrop of a sailing experience to the West End of Catalina Island and back.  Two nights are spent engaged in empowerment activities, overcoming fears and preconceived notions of self limits.  Each participant receives individual and group counseling, and as a newly formed team draw from each other’s strength as we navigate the ocean.

ADHD Rewiring our Mental Circuits signWhat is ADHD and how does it impact a relationship?  What are the tools that can be used daily to prevent the conflicts that surface when one partner experiences ADHD and the other doesn’t.  This workshop provides hands-on learning and simulation exercises to uncover the many ways to work together effectively for sustained and intimate relationships.


The New Reality of Female Sexuality”  This retreat shows how our social and sexual behaviors have changed more in the last 20 years than in the last 10 thousand years! During this engaging and interactive presentation you will learn about how media, social/cultural expectations, life span development and new knowledge about biological issues have affected women’s sexuality. Using science, humor and education you will walk away with an overview of relevant and usable information that can be applied immediately with clients how it looks in females, and ways to identify what is going on underneath the out of control relational behavior in women.