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Understanding our overall status, predispositions, genetics, food reactivity and characteristics are essential for living a vibrant and flourishing life. Special, extended care integrative packages are also available by request.  Would you like to have a brief chat to see if these services are right for you?

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Integrative Psychiatry Consultations

These consultations are for people suffering with stress, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, moodiness, or worsening memory. Integrative psychiatry combines the best of conventional modern medicine with the best of integrative and holisitic medicine to offer patients better mental health care, improved quality of life, and to and minimize risks of side effects from medications. Dr. Larson starts with a comprehensive history and review of prior records, followed by a medical evaluation and laboratory testing to evaluate for any physical disease process that could be contributing to psychiatric symptoms. Using this information he forms a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan that is based on a foundation of lifestyle. Examples include personalized recommendations for adjustments in daily routines, dietary and supplement changes, exercise prescriptions, recommendations for specific types of counseling, mindfulness training, relationship strengthening, and more! While Dr. Larson is well trained in the use of psychotropic medications, and will prescribe them when needed, he is very cautious to use them because of his goal is to maximize both wellbeing and safety. He is a firm believer in a family centered and collaborative care model that puts you at the center of all treatment decisions.

Integrative & Functional Medicine Consultation:

Using the full spectrum of Dr. Larson’s knowledge and skillset in integrative & functional medicine, family medicine, and psychiatry, he provides consultations to look at the root cause of disease and develop personalized treatments for a specific health issue. Consultations may include assessment for food sensitive or allergies, micro biome and digestive health assessment, genetic evaluation to personalize nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, comprehensive assessment of adrenal health and stress management, and more. These consultations are designed to offer you a highly precise and personalized assessment of your wellbeing and provide you with an action plan to get you on the right track to reverse chronic disease and promote wellness and optimal health. This action plan includes stepwise and prioritized recommendation on immediate lifestyle changes, supplement changes, additional functional medicine lab assessments (prices vary depending on which tests are needed), as well as which services and resources you should access in order to achieve the best outcome for your specific health issue and circumstances.

Bioidentical Hormones

Dr. Larson offers Bioidentical Hormone Balancing for women in the perimenopausal state to help with hot flashes, energy, mental acuity and to improve sleep and quality of life during this phase of transition. This is a four-visit package to optimize hormone balance for perimenopause and menopause: we start with an initial consultation and symptom-review, at which time we order laboratory evaluation of hormone levels (prices vary depending on your health insurance). When the results are available, we then go over the findings in detail and prescribe the appropriate bioidentical hormone regimen as dictated by the test results and individualized symptoms to help improve your quality of life and provide symptom relief. The remaining two visits allow us to make modifications to the prescribed dose and frequency of the hormone and lifestyle treatment plan to ensure optimum symptom management. Additional follow-up visits can always be scheduled if needed to refine your treatment plan based on your symptoms and life stressors.

Second Opinion Consultations

Dr. Larson’s consultation practice is for people who seek second opinions on a specific health issue, and/or are seeking guidance on additional recommendations for optimal health. These consultations are designed for people who are currently receiving only a conventional or alternative medical perspective on their health issue, and would like additional recommendations that integrate traditional allopathic medicine with integrative and lifestyle medicine. You are required to have an established primary care doctor or treating physician specialist prior to coming for a consultation. The primary goal of this consultative service is to ensure proper diagnosis and identify the optimal range of conventional and alternative treatments appropriate for the individual, at that time, for a specific health issue. Depending on your issue and desire, we can create a treatment plan that includes services and resources available at The Center for Healthy Change.