When you are at your best, what is actually happening in your mind and body?

Is it that your self –confidence is at a peak, your energy is optimal, or is mother nature simply bringing everything together into a heightened mental state? You’ve heard it before, things like:

I was in the Zone, It was like a Runner’s High, In the Groove,  Feeling the Rhythm!

Reaching that mental state – and being prepared to work ourselves up into it – is really a fascinating neuroscientific process. It is a very complex merge between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self that puts us into the “Flow.” When we are in the flow, we feel challenged and fully present, calm yet alert, focused yet open and exploratory.Learning to bring ourselves to this level is what Peak Performance is all about, and at the Center for Healthy Change we can help you achieve this level of mastery. Members of our team and collaborators include world class athletes, Fortune 500 leadership trainers and mindfulness experts. Let’s put them to work for reaching your peak!

The research is clear and informative, and it has indicated three major dimensions that combine to create and support peak performance “Flow.” When we achieve this flow, we experience a brain coherence, alpha/theta brain wave activity and a deactivation of our dorsolateral prefrontal cortex structure.

Through brain training, counseling, EMDR, neurofeedback and other technologies, we can help you to learn how to achieve the crossover point between alpha and theta brain wave activity. When brain activity calms from relaxing alpha state into a hypnogogic theta state wave, our neural networks take on a highly attuned posture. During this time we get incredibly fast gamma waves that are set off by the theta, and when these get going we can expect that information and awareness from multiple parts of the brain are pulled together – allowing and promoting skill development, memory and self-expressions to become “rhythmic.” Finding your rhythm and the ways to reach it can transform your productivity, creativity and capability. Add to this process the synchronization of both your brain hemispheres, bilateral coherence promotes this “flow.” Clinical activities such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), as well as activity such as cardio, yoga, mindfulness and meditation work together to get us producing at new levels.

There’s more: we also seek to achieve a state of transient hypofrontality – and this creates optimum flow by reducing activity of the DLPFC (dorsolateral prefrontal cortex), the area of our brain that maintains our self-critical, doubt and negative self talk frequently causing performance or cognitive anxiety. This is why blood flow from cardio activity helps to build a protective force, feeding blood flow away from the DLPFC and to the motor parts of our brain – allowing or encouraging a clearer and more profound ability to focus without distractions.

Skills sets that enlist all of the brain science above can help you learn. Fundamental skills include relaxation, use of imagery, goals, self talk, concentration and pre-activity routines. Combined, you are composed, willing and engaged for your task – be it in the Boardroom, on the Stage or with Friends and Family.