Led By: Julieann Myers, LCSW,CSAT

When:  Every Monday 1:00pm-2:30pm

Emotional attunement, or what is often referred to as mirroring, is the skill of both recognizing and understanding how to effectively engage with the emotional state of another person.  Intimacy requires attunement, and with strong attunement relationships grow with love, non-resentment, trust and happiness.  The learning we do as children often defines how we practice attunement as adults, and this thought-provoking group helps to reflect, relearn and share experiences in a safe and secure environment that brings us to a better place in all our relationships.  This group is limited to 8 individuals and is available by application only.

       HEALTHY CHANGE FOR MEN             Psychotherapy Group for Men

Led By: Wesley Yu, LMFT

When:  Every Tuesday 6:00pm-7:30pm

There is a common misconception that men need to stay strong, and that therapy is for the weak minded. This outdated belief has forced generations of men to lose out on crucial knowledge that could have allowed them to live happier and healthier lives. As emotional creatures, men are often taught to suppress their emotions, resulting in behaviors of isolation, strained relationships, and a distancing from their core selves. At The Center for Healthy Change, we break this cycle, and challenge societal beliefs of what it means to be a man. Still think that therapy for men is taboo? Join us on our mission, as we open the doors for men to embrace their true selves through real, authentic connection.  Check out the video