Group Therapy Weekly Availability


Learn how to have a healthy relationship with yourself and others. Join us on this journey to identify and stop co-dependent or compulsive destructive relationship patterns. This group provides a therapeutic and safe environment where participants will have the opportunity to explore and learn new ways of being in relationships.

Led by: Diane Moore, LCSW

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (usually referred to as “CBT”) is based upon the idea that how you think determines how you feel and how you behave. For kids whose impulsive behavior is creating conflict at home and getting them into trouble at school, CBT can help them rein in the behavior that’s problematic and establish more positive relationships with the adults in their lives. Diane Moore will work with your child using several methods of CBT depending on the particular problem with techniques including:

  • Guiding self-statements (“Stop, Think, Act”)
  • Positive self-statements (“You can solve this problem”)
  • Verbal self-instructions (“What are all of my options to solve this problem?”)
  • Relaxation training (controlled breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness)
  • Recognition of faulty thinking (“I know she didn’t mean it; it was an accident”)
  • Modeling, role playing and reinforcement for using CBT skills

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