Our Approach

We know there are things needling you – this is something we all experience. Maybe we want to prevent feelings from overstaying their welcome, or maybe we want to stop something in particular. Often it’s about solving a long held problem, or perhaps something that just came up and that you could use a little help resolving? We get it. That’s why we work as a team.  This means that you feel the benefit of a team putting their heads together to consider and plan how to work it all out.  We approach things this way because it flushes out thoughts and feelings in a clinically-sound environment. Safe, nonjudgmental. We want to understand what’s going on with you. If we do this well together, our experience, sensitivity and understanding can be life changing.

This works because we don’t give up on you. We do everything we can to bring out your best, and this means teamwork. For example, it would be possible that a wife and a husband are seeing different Center therapists, and this allows the therapists to interact to determine specific ways to work with each so that communication, brainstorming and healing can grow.  A parent might be engaged at the Center while one or more of their children are also in our care.  When this is possible, we can get to the real issues and behaviors quicker, and reduce the long-term investment of time and money needed to find out what is really happening.  Just as important, then, we can also see where clients have differing perceptions and how they play out in day-to-day life in the family constellation.

We meet with each other regularly to really think through each person in our care.  Meeting as a clinical group weekly to follow up progress and find ways to break impasses helps us to do better for you. Our interest is to operate from a place of integrity and compassion – and to promote that quality among clients and their loved ones.  If we accomplish this, then we “work ourselves out of a job,” and that’s a good feeling for everyone.

Our approach requires that each therapist maintains continual upgrading of their skills – using the most effective, research-based approaches and techniques.  From EMDR to cognitive behavioral therapy to a broader range of methods, everything about our approach is specialized to the individual client: no assumptions, cookie-cutter activities or canned programs.  Delivering quality therapy demands this core value.  Our aftercare programs for example, do not rely on a regimented plan wherein a client follows along a pre-programmed series of groups and sessions with others.  Our aftercare is always a 100% bespoke design developed between the individual, their family and our team. Yes, it’s a tall order, but we’re prepared to be accountable to our values and to you.