Living Well Signature Programs

Here are upcoming and ongoing Living Well events and groups for your enjoyment. Some may be accessed on a drop -in basis – that’s right, just show up! Others do require signing up so we can maintain the small group nature that benefits the participant experience.


Led By: Alicia Perzachilli, M.S.,  Healthy Change Coach

When:  Coming in February, 2020

This exciting and thought provoking group spans the exploration of our our past narratives that we have allowed to define us, and then leads us through a journey into the re-drafting of that narrative to produce a profound personal vision and understanding of how we can make specific steps toward a new focus and fulfillment in 2020.  Narrative strategies, prior trauma, fundamentals of re-writing our narratives, memory re-awakening and multiple personal development principles are presented, discussed and practiced in this intimate and meaningful experience.  



Led By: Megan Goodrich, Certified Healthy Change Coach

When:  Every Wednesday 12:00pm-1:30pm

Healthy Habits Group Details

In this 12-week group, you will: Practice goal setting, Create a personal mission statement,  Shift from extrinsic to more intrinsic values, Identify habits and build self-awareness, Break unhelpful habits and find the cues, Create helpful and attractive habits, Set up your environment for success, Use accountability partners, Sustain motivation and balance challenges.

Living Well by Fulfilling Your New Life- Success in The Financial Realm of Divorce 

Led By: Lisa L. Miller, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

When:  Coming March, 2020

Lisa’s passion is helping individuals to become empowered to manage their financial futures, particularly women and men who face the very real and difficult challenges that come with divorce.  Becoming skilled at financially navigating through what can sometimes be tumultuous periods in life, brings a new perspective and optimism.  At the Center, Lisa helps individuals view change as inevitable, sometimes small, but once in a while major – such as marriage, divorce, loss of a loved one etc. With over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, Lisa has learned the most important thing she can do as an advisor is to listen carefully to what matters most to individuals. In collaboration with the team, she  strives to educate and bring clarity to clients.  Lisa is a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch and a holder of the Certified Divorce Financial Analysts designation.  Center clients benefit from Lisa’s warmth, education and desire to help others.  She is part of the Living Well Signature Programs at the Center.


Led By: Darby Hansen,  Lic. Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Meditation & Yoga Teacher

When:  Every Tuesday 6:00pm-7:30pm

In today’s society we are not often given the opportunity to fully express our emotions, especially those deemed “inappropriate” by our culture such as anger, shame, and grief. Unprocessed emotions and energy get trapped in the body causing “dis-ease,” first in the energetic field and if not addressed begin to manifest in the mental/emotional body and physical body. This powerful combination of breathwork, vocal toning and sound healing deeply clears energy from the body, mind, and soul. Class consists of multiple breath work techniques with vocal toning to release suppressed emotions. The session concludes with a sound healing to balance and integrate the energetic shifts that have occurred. Participants experience immediate physical and emotional freedom.  


Led By: Wendi Cohen, Integrative Mindfulness Mentor

When:  Every Thursday 6:00pm-7:30pm

Participants learn the basics and principles of meditation and how it benefits us both physically and emotionally. Wendi will dispel the common myths of meditation and provide numerous practical aspects, in addition to exploring and learning the Soul Questions through journaling exercises. A special guided meditation and receiving a personal mantra are also part of this intimate group experience (this sent. Is awk). Areas of focus include: Refinement of your meditation practice, Soul Questions, Higher States of Consciousness, Overcoming practice challenges and, Chakras.  Check out a quick video


Led By: Dana Damara, Certified Yoga Instructor

When:  Various Dates Throughout 2020

As a yoga practitioner, walking this path with practical shoes, Dana is a mother, author, coach, teacher of teachers, and speaker.  She is an activist for women of all ages offering programs that support: feminine embodiment, self-love, sisterhood, sacred ceremony and ritual and a safe space for exploration and curiosity.  When you work with Dana, everything shifts.  She has an organic ability to tap into the intuitive elemental connection within the individual and their innate power. Get to Know Dana Video   For a complete listing of 2020 activities w/ Dana please  Click Here

LIVING WELL THROUGH YOGA  – Yoga Classes for Center Clients

Led By: Alicia Perzachilli, M.S.,  Healthy Change Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher

When:  Every Wednesday 6:00pm-7:00pm

Join fun and multi-talented Alicia for an hour of YOGA in the “Living Room.”  This is an intimate session because classes are limited to 12 individuals.  Relax, get centered and chill out from your day with an invigorating and enjoyable series of routines.  Receive targeted assistance and gain further clarity on the use of Yoga for overall health, including its relationship to Mindfulness and Meditation. 

Living Well through Mindful Parenting  – 

Led By: Wendi Cohen, Integrative  Healthy Change Coach

When:  Every Tuesday 10:00am-11:30am

Wendi bring parents together in a light-spirited and fun way to talk about experiences and strategies for using Mindfulness with our children.  It is also helpful for parents learning to manage emotions and behaviors in a practical way that helps prevent problems of communication, expression and frustration when dealing with others.  This group is limited to 8 people so that it can have a dramatic impact, and to assure everybody can interact meaningfully and fully in this heart-felt journey.  Check out a brief video

LIVING WELL THROUGH BODYWORK  – Yoga Classes for Center Clients

Led By: Darby Hansen,  Lic. Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Meditation & Yoga Teacher

When:  Every Tuesday & Friday 8:00am-7:00pm

Join Darby for any of the varied health-giving services she delivers at the Center.  Whether it be massage or craniosacral, meditation, breathing or sound meditation, you will benefit from her offerings prior to or after a psychotherapy session, group or other activity.  She is also available other days by prior arrangement at the Center for your convenience.