Treatment Intensives – Just the Facts

What is a Center for Healthy Change Treatment Intensive?

Intensive therapy brings together highly trained therapists who meet with their clients in a compressed time frame, sometimes over the course of a month or more.  This approach at the Center uses many different models of psychotherapy, as well as various technologically-oriented therapies such as EMDR, Neurofeedback, TRM and other exciting models.  This approach requires significant commitment from the treatment team as well as from the client.  It is a careful interplay of deep concentration on specific client needs and adaptive behaviors.  Each Intensive is individually designed, and there are no cookie cutter approaches applied to all – each client receives a highly customized plan specific to their needs.

What Benefits can be Expected?

The  advantage of intensive therapy is that together we undergo a deep exploration of the underlying psychological factors that contribute to your particular struggle – be it mental health, substance abuse or other concern.  Because of the non-traditional timing, intensity, frequency and depth, we increase the ability to discuss and address your internal vulnerabilities, fears, patterns of response, triggers and adaptive behaviors in direct relation to your particular issues and desired outcomes.  This creates a significant and profound understanding of both causes and actions
that we can monitor together to get you something entirely different from your current situation. This happens relatively quickly because the increased frequency and unhindered time we spend on task, allows for a more meaningful relationship between the therapy team and the client, and these powerful bonds, sense of trust and honest communication all work together to produce something very special.

How does Center for Healthy Change Intensive Treatment Differ from Traditional

In a Conventional outpatient approach you might work together two to four hours per month in one on one sessions.  While this can be useful for individuals with limited time, it often does not afford the level of consistency and continuity that can be provided via the Intensive Therapy approach.   For those who can make the time and energy commitment, the Intensive approach can get you deeper into what you are trying to achieve faster and with more frequent – or real-time- feedback to test out how our progress is going and to make adjustments effectively.  We are likely to see results and progress much sooner, and we are likely to feel relief much faster.  In the best case scenario, ongoing psychotherapy combined with intermittent Treatment Intensives help to accomplish “breakthroughs” that are further understood and refined in ongoing sessions.  And you will find that this approach is particularly helpful when there are co-existing and complex challenges you face.

How Long is a Treatment Intensive?

Our Treatment Intensive lengths are each designed for the specific individual, couple or family making the request.  This means that we will determine the level of care that will be most likely to yield success.  This background may include phone calls, face to face, review of client records as well as other sources of information.  Based upon a comprehensive review a specific recommended plan of services and dosages is generated.  With short term difficulties, an intensive might effectively be conducted in 4 hours, whereas more difficult and complex challenges might include  a series of day-long or multiple day intensives spread out over a month or more.  We will seek to address your struggles with adequate resources so that you can begin feeling relief very early in the process

What are the influencing factors of a Center Intensive?

At The Center, intensity of treatment is determined through a series of criteria, each of which is specific to your treatment characteristics, and include:

Complexity:  The degree to which anxiety, trauma, emotional anguish or other symptoms and causes are central to determining the complexity of the issues to be addressed. A Center therapist might combine multiple therapists, each with specific skills and capabilities to work as a team with you.  Generally, this might include focus on the core issues as well as those intervening factors that are supporting the problem, and it is through this multi-pronged approach that we can all develop a full understanding of how to help and what specific strategies must be employed.

Frequency: The more often a therapist and client meet, the more opportunity there is to explore and process meaningful information, behavioral patterns, recurring thoughts and behaviors.

Duration: Many forms of therapy are designed to be time-limited based upon needs and complexity.  Those targeting ore brief struggles generally require less time, and can sometimes be allieviated in a couple of sessions, while more complex difficulties require a week or longer.  Again, taken together with ongoing psychotherapy, Intensives can have dramatic results and breakthroughs.  The Center can structure intensives that are multiple hours over a couple of days, with opportunity to extend thereafter if so desired.

Treatment Venue: This can vary greatly, although most Intensives take place in the office or at other venues that are conducive to working together.  For example, The Center has many options, one of which is at a private retreat center on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Whether  a long weekend in Del Mar, Cardiff or on the Big Island, for example, the venue must be comfortable for the work to be conducted effectively.