Find Your Balance w/ Darby

Chakra Balancing opens the possibility for a new dimension of healing and growth. The Chakras system reveals the nature of the human energy system and illustrates how our energy can be expanded and transformed through healing the seven main energy centers. The Chakras hold great influence upon physical health, emotional stability, and mental clarity. It outlines how, in order to maintain a healthy, balanced life, we must attend not just to certain physical dysfunctions that may occur, but also to our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs as well. Each of the seven chakras deal with different parts of this bigger picture and directs us to those areas where we might be functioning out of balance. 

Each week we will deep dive into a chakra as an exploration of this vast energetic landscape. We will activate, open, and balance each chakra with ancient healing techniques such as yoga, meditation, and breathwork, as well as, taking action in a specific area of life that correlates with each center. We will support each other, share our experience, and gain wisdom from the collective group energy. You will complete this series with a sense of personal empowerment, clarity, and a new kit of healing tools to continue to integrate this life long journey of growth.  This live-facilitated course is 8 Weekly sessions beginning Wednesday May 27th, 2020, from 4:30-6:00pm. Joining is easy, and it is only $600 for the ENTIRE course! Just sign up on this protected and secure page: