Athletic Performance Enhancement

As a former All-American athlete, Laurie Chapman has experienced the joys and pitfalls of athletic performance and has endured rigorous training sessions that prepared her for national competition.  She has learned from personal and professional experience that success in sport is dependent on both the athlete and the external variables involved in athletic performance.  Laurie’s research and personal experience into the complexities of athletic performance indicates there are a series of very important key components of athletic success:

1. The athlete is mentally and physically competent in the sport   2. The athlete believes in her/his own ability to perform well   3. The athlete recovers well after a defeat or a sports injury   4. The athlete can maintain mental focus regardless of physical pain or spectator input   5. The athlete trusts and believes in the coach  6. The athlete consistently engages in practice sessions to prepare for competition 7. The athlete has confidence in the athletic equipment (shoes, racket, ball, etc.) 8. The athlete accommodates well to diverse athletic environments (e.g. different stadium, adverse weather, loud fan base  9. The athlete works well with other members of a team (for team sports)

JumperIf your are struggling to excel in your sport, or you are finding one of the indicators of success listed above to be elusive, or if you have not been able to get back into your game after a sports injury or a failed competition, we would love to work with you.  Our use of strategic therapy and EMDR will help you to regain your competitive edge and your self confidence READ ABOUT EMDR.  The following are just a few examples of athletic performance barriers that we can eliminate:

  • You are having difficulty maintaining you mental focus in training and/or competitions
  • You lack confidence in your abilities
  • You have a poor or harmful relationship with your coach or other athletes on your team
  • A personal issue is impacting your ability to compete well
  • You lack confidence in your body’s ability to heal after an injury

qktdvo6922ym4deyAs we work together, we will establish a tailored athletic performance plan to help you achieve peak performance and break free from internal and external barriers. Your plan may be completed in as little as 4-6 one hour sessions, depending on your needs.  A key component of the plan is your development of a profound positive performance visualization. This is a tool that you will be able to use throughout your entire athletic career.  The EMDR  future template protocol will be used to help you develop this positive performance visualization. Visualization alone is a known research-based athletic performance enhancement tool – and integrating performance visualization with EMDR can greatly enhance its impact.The completion of your athletic performance plan may require input from your coach depending on your athletic abilities and desires. In person consultation with the elite or college athlete’s coach is essential.  Phone or email consultation may be considered for other athletes. We will seek your written authorization to consult with anyone before any consultation takes place.