Aftercare Programs

broken heartThe Center for Healthy Change offer its Intensive Aftercare Program.  This program is a highly intensive six-month to one-year program of in-depth clinical and support services to aid individuals and families upon transition from in-patient and outpatient addiction treatment.  Due to the extensive in-depth nature of this program, admittance is very limited – to do this work properly, we can only admit a small number of clients at a time. To make things easier on you, participants may enter at any time throughout the year. This is an integrated combination of support services, each tailored to building long term sustained transitions back to home, family and work life.  Participants will be engaged in services conducted by our team, and they will span the areas of Aftercare Assessment,  Aftercare Plan Development, Individual and Group Psychotherapy, Social Support,  Sober Living Coaching, and Life-Resource Development.

Program Components:

Telephone Screening A 30 minute telephone conversation explores the appropriateness, commitment, expectations and readiness for the Intensive Aftercare Program. A Center For Healthy Change team member will conduct this brief interview.

Psychosocial Interview Once accepted into the program, we conduct a Psychosocial Interview to explore the clients experiences and needs. This information is critical to understanding any additional assessment needs, and for preparing for the Aftercare Planning Session.

Assessments It is not uncommon that some additional assessment may be indicated to aid the Aftercare Plan Development, and we may identify additional needs. Some examples include Post Traumatic Stress, ADHD, Sexual Addiction Inventory or other tools.

Aftercare Planning Session This session is where the rubber meets the road, and we get down to YOUR specific goals and lay-out a detailed road map to get us there. A formal written plan for your participation will guide the months ahead.

Aftercare Education We have found that an education on the critical elements of what Aftercare is all about is essential to long term success. Four hours is slated for this component, and in these sessions, you will learn about the often unforeseen factors and skills needed to maintain sobriety and secure positive outcomes.

Individual Psychotherapy All clients will receive weekly individual psychotherapy targeting day to day as well as long term personal development. These sessions allow for a very in-depth and personal monitoring of steps taken, skills applied and results generated by our work together. Areas of particular need or interest will also be targeted.

Group Therapy Aftercare participants find great support and warmth through sharing and learning from each other in our weekly small group format. Here, we all bounce around our experiences and develop insight that can lead us to both understanding our recovery process and to finding ways to support it.

Specialized Support Services These customized support services run across a wide range of options, and each client selects a minimum of one additional service to supplement their program. These include Mindfullness Training, Practical Life Management, Life and Career Coaching, Sober Companion Days, Women’s Practical Empowerment, Weekend Retreats.

Graduation Planning Graduation from the program comes no sooner than six months after initiation, with most electing to participate for the entire year. Together with your team, we plan the steps, tasks and resources that will support your gradual departure from the program and back to getting on with your life unencumbered by the pain and old mental scripts of the past. This process begins two months before graduation.

Personal Add-On Services Many clients find it valuable to enroll in one or more “Personal Add-On” services designed to further their overall physical and psychic well-being. These supplemental services include Nutrition for Health, Organic Home Gardening, Experiential Yoga, Sober Shadowing, Career Objectives Refinement, ADHD Education, Power-walking, and extended Adventure Retreats.

BoosterCare! That’s right, we provide 3 month BoosterCare sessions for graduated clients at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 month intervals following graduation. These sessions bring together graduates to process their experiences and receive assistance from each other and our team in maintaining success.

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