Women’s Issues – mosicaWomen face competing priorities, roles and life expectations.  We have a range of responsibilities and many roles to fill.  Balancing all of these factors can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, addiction or other mental health issues.  Without balance and effective coping mechanisms, women can turn to unhealthy behaviors to deal with the growing pressure.   Please follow this link to read more in-depth about our approaches to women’s issues.  GO THERE NOW

Julie Myers treats addiction.

Addictions – BreakWe have been treating a variety of addictions for over 23 years.  With experience in settings ranging from outpatient psychotherapy counseling to locked facilities, we understand that a “one size fits all” treatment plan does not address the complex nature of addiction.  we specialize in substance addiction as well as sex addiction.  Each person is assessed to fully understand the nature of the “acting out behavior” to determine the unmet developmental needs that they are trying to meet. SEE MORE
Traumawoman-mental-healthPeople who have experienced traumatic events often exhibit symptoms and problems that recur.  How severe these symptoms are depends on the person, the type of trauma involved, and the emotional support they receive from others.  Symptoms of trauma can be wide and varied, and differ in severity from person to person.  After a traumatic experience, a person may re-experience the trauma mentally and physically,  we work to de-energize your traumatic “triggers” so that reactions and symptoms can gradually be eliminated. Triggers and cues act as reminders of the trauma, and often cause anxiety and other emotions. You might not be aware of the “triggers” that reside within you that lead to suffering, disruptive or self-destructive coping mechanisms. We employ an array of state of the art evidence based methods to alleviate trauma and its symptoms.
EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing – photois an innovative method of psychotherapy that enhances people’s ability to resolve problems in day to day life by assisting them to attend to internal experiences and external stimuli at the same time.  EMDR is also increasingly being used as part of the growing field of positive psychology to enhance performance for people at home, at work, in sports and in the performing arts, as well as diminishing symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder.READ MORE

Athletic Performance EnhancementRunnerIf your are struggling to excel in your sport, or you are finding one of the indicators of success listed above to be elusive, or if you have not been able to get back into your game after a sports injury or a failed competition, we would love to work with you.  Our use of strategic therapy and EMDR will help you to regain your competitive edge and your self confidence.  READ MORE

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – signAttention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a psychological and  neurobehavioral disorder characterized by either significant difficulties of  inattention or hyperactivity and impulsivity or a combination of thereof. Symptoms generally emerge before seven years of age, but carry onward through the lifespan.  ADHD can result in restlessness, acting impulsively, and lessened focus which impairs the ability to learn or work effectively. We practice a combination of medication management, applied behavioral analysis (Behavior Modification), lifestyle changes, and counseling or coaching to comprehensively treat the ADHD adult and Child.

MindfulnessCounsel3 Practicing mindfulness helps you to recognize your habitual patterns of mind which have developed out of awareness over time. This allows you and those around you to respond in new and productive ways (as opposed to habitual reactions).  Mindfulness is psychological skill and characteristic that encourages complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis, and it means paying attention in a particular way: purposeful, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally. We help you to learn how to self-regulate your attention so as to concentrate on immediate experiences, promoting increased recognition of mental events in the present moment. We then help you to develop an “orientation” toward experiences that is characterized by curiosity, openness, and acceptance.

Child, Youth and Adult Developmentmom with sons rgbWe practice emotional awareness, skill building and gradual acceptance of challenges that come to each person as ongoing developmental tasks. With attention to stages of individual development, each readying for the next , we plan and conduct treatment plans that ensure a progression of success and attainment of goals.  Individuation, identity development, self-sufficiency, ethical and moral development and profound personal vision are all components of our work.  These forces come into the forefront as we work-through issues together, and this leads to balance in personal and professional life.
Life & Career Coaching – RetireWhere are you headed on this journey called life?  Are you developing, revising and monitoring a deeply profound vision for your life and career?  We provide coaching from a semi-therapeutic perspective so that you can develop and move towards an inspiring and practical set of outcomes.  Through spirited and challenging interaction with your coach, you reflect and plan for developing a higher sense of meaning and accomplishment in your personal and professional life.

Eating Disorders – AnorexiaWe provide psychotherapy and counseling, together with nutritional guidance and careful attention to medical needs – this offers strong likelihood of sustained success.  Early diagnosis and treatment greatly enhances recovery, and we can help you at any point along the continuum.  This service may also include group support and collaboration with your primary care physician.
Organizational Development – OrDevFor a select few organizations each year we are able to assist in developing teams, building enthusiasm, generating funding streams and launching strategic plans.  We can conduct an organizational performance audit that can highlight ways to improve functioning across many areas: personnel, productivity, organizational culture, policy & strategy – and all with an honesty and independence that can only come from an outside source.  We can design and conduct “real-time” research and evaluation that can help you get to your desired organizational outcomes faster.


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