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See Julieann speak on the Sexual Health Paradigm

A Special Presentation for Professionals:  Bridging the Gap between Sex Addiction Treatment and Sexual Health   

Orange County WAAT Tuesday, August 5th – 8:30am-10:00am – National University *3390 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa* Speaker: Julieann Myers. Topic:Bridging the Gap between Sex Addiction sexTreatment and Sexual Health:  An Integrated Paradigm. This Presentation seeks to achieve the following objectives: Objective 1- Participants will learn about an integrated paradigm for treating Out of control sexual behavior and Sex Addiction Objective 2- Participants will learn about the theories & treatment approaches that are effective in long term recovery from compulsive sexual behavior and sex addiction Objective 3- Participants will learn about the gaps and pitfalls of treating sex addiction without a balanced “sexual health” paradigm for long term recovery    Please contact RaeEllen Ellis at 949-584-7733 or visit www.waat.us with questions.

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